Yaks Matter

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After high school, I was looking for more than a physical or academic education, more than a career or a theater or an institution. I needed a school of thought that could offer practical and meaningful inspiration…I found Yaks!

When people ask me what I do with yaks, I offer the expected reply about the animals’ versatile productive assets: “ride, pack, pull; milk, meat, wool…” but it’s the experiential connection to my resources that makes me feel whole.

Yaks are domestic by nature, but they are not subservient. They are the perfect bridge between the infinite Wild and the passing trends of civilization.  Where human cultures have adhered to languages which allow us to “righteously” subdue our natural environment, yaks stand for an ancient yet refreshing language which holds fast the bonds of mutual respect and curious exploration. I will always revere these animals as my most venerable teachers and life coaches. I can’t wait to witness what yaks do with you!