Human practices (politics, religion, investments, communications, creations…)  have the utmost ecological influence in our world. We adopt our individual practices from the teachers that we choose.  If we the people could escape our deep-seated fears of being rejected by our “civilized” societies, we might gain the clarity to adopt Nature as our most revered teacher for how we ought to manifest our powerful human energies, so that we might practice better stewardship of the Earth.   

So what is a yak and why does it matter? 

The native homeland of the yak is the Himalayan Mountain regions in Asia.  Because those native yaks have evolved in many different directions and have historically been crossed readily with many different breeds of cattle, there is a controversial differentiation between our labels of yak, yak-cross, yak hybrid, and yak purebred.  In short, our collective definition for what kinds of “yaks” we should be breeding in America has immense implications for the direction of the accelerated evolution of the American yak genome through selective breeding. Yaks matter because they have become a part of the human practices which are influencing the whole of our planet.  It may all just be a game…but it is a game that wields powerful impact and deserves our diligent study.

At  Butte Pasture Yak Ranch, I raise yaks because they keep me close to Earth in a personal relationship with the resources that help sustain Us.  They are spirit filled sources for wool, hair, milk, compost, labor and occasionally meat, hide, and bone… They are my companions, my teachers, my inspiration…  I sell bottle babies (rarely), weaned calves, steers, and breeding stock.   I try to get to know each animal and customer individually so I can make the best yak/owner match. When money becomes an obstacle to a sale, I have been known to make trades for other items and/or services.  I am committed to helping yak owners, potential yak owners, and curious students, better understand the yak-human symbiosis I have experienced.  As always, I am extremely interested in any feedback or yak related information you have to share with me as well!   The ranch is open for various yak related lessons and tours. Please follow the links above for more information, and to see a current for sale and parentage catalog.