At  Butte Pasture Yak Ranch, I raise tame Tibetan Yaks for fiber (wool), meat (rarely), dairy, packing, companionship, pasture fertility, and personal/spiritual fulfillment.  I sell bottle babies (rarely), weaned calves, steers, and breeding stock, as well as various products made from or related to yaks.   When money becomes an obstacle to a sale, I have been known to make trades for other items and/or services.  I am committed to helping yak owners, potential yak owners, and curious students, better understand the yak-human symbiosis I have experienced.  As always, I am extremely interested in any feedback or yak related information you have to share with me as well!   The ranch is open for various yak related lessons and tours. Please follow the links above for more information, and to see a current for sale and parentage catalog. The “SOLD” and “NOT FOR SALE” animals in the catalog are included for parentage reference of animals we have for sale.  Look for “Not currently for sale” yaks to be added to our FOR SALE list in the near future.  We have a 15% discounts for local buyers and/or folks buying more than 2 from us! We have not recently been registering our animals since it did not seem justifiable to us that IYAK officially considered all white yaks to be “hybrids” while allowing the said “hybrids” darker colored family members including full brothers and sisters to be registered as “pure yaks”.  In truth, “IYAK foundation registered” simply means you can find a record that some IYAK registration committee at one point looked at a picture of the applicant or the applicants’ parents  and thought (or imagined) that it looked like a “yak”.  A calf of “IYAK foundation registered” parents can still be registered with IYAK regardless of an objective analysis of its genealogical makeup and a white yak cannot currently be registered with IYAK whether or not it has more true yak genes than IYAK’s other foundation registered animals.  IYAK’s currently endorsed labeling of all white yaks in America as “hybrid” and their foundation registered yaks as “pure” are both inappropriate misnomers because the organization has not yet agreed on a definition for either of these terms.  I look forward to begin registering my yaks again with IYAK once they adopt a more reasonable registration and marketing agenda hopefully in the near future (unless I get kicked out of the club for calling them out on the above misnomers).  This is a relatively young organization and I see lots of amazing helpers stepping in to clear up our understanding of what yaks and yak breeders are really made of.  Please join me in encouraging IYAK to be less exclusive and more inclusive for a brighter future for these amazing animals!