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At  Butte Pasture Yak Ranch, I raise tame registered Tibetan Yaks for fiber (wool), dairy, packing, companionship, and excitement.  I sell bottle babies, weaned calves, steers, and breeding stock, as well as various products made from or related to yaks.   When money becomes an obstacle to a sale, I have been known to make trades for other items and/or services.  I am committed to helping yak owners, potential yak owners, and curious students, better understand yak-human symbiosis.   The ranch is open for scheduled farm tours and various yak related lessons.

The Ranch is for Sale!

An open, irrigated, quiet  pasture, at an elevation of about 9,000 ft, beneath a panorama of pristine Rocky Mountains, the ranch is almost theideal location for my father Bob Stuplich, my husband Paul Holder, and myself to raise our yaks.  With a historical origin of the Tibetan Plateau, a.k.a. “The Roof of the World”, the yaks benefit from our thin air and cool weather.  On the other hand, our extreme winter snow-load  makes for rather intensive snow-removal labor and no winter grazing, and the size of our herd is beginning to outgrow our limited amount of summer grazing ground.  We are therefore in the market for a larger piece of property with a less extreme winter climate.  Help our yaks and us by spreading the word that this amazing 10 acre Crested Butte property, along with new house, guesthouse, barn, sheds, coral, solar and wind energy, ponds, gardens…, is for sale!

View more property images at www.flickr.com/photos/82350548@N07/sets/72157630520231458/ and click on the Wapiti Lane Album.  Feel free to call or email me for any further informat ion.

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