Fiber Art Lesson

Armstrong family brushing Pawnee



A four hour lesson for up to four participants      

Creating Useful Material out of raw yak wool      

Come meet the animals to fully appreciate the origin of your resource     

Learn how to:     

*Extract (brush) the fiber (wool) from the shedding yaks     

*Card (align) the fiber to make it easier to work with     

*Spin (on a drop spindle) some of the fiber into string and yarn for sewing and knitting     

*Felt (a process of shrinking and matting) the rest of the fiber into a small flat, soft, warm, beautiful material     

Take home your hand crafted creation to use as a:     

*wall hanging/tapestry     

*table rug/pot holder     

*patch for a hole in your clothing     

*cargo pocket for your pants or backpack     

*pouch or coin purse     


Use your new skills to make many future creations